Executive Presentation Coach Jennifer Hennings helps professionals manage their public speaking nerves so they can lead and motivate more effectively.

People are surprised to learn I'm naturally introverted.

When they see me in front of the room, leading groups with enthusiasm and ease, they can't fathom who I was a decade ago.

Back then, I was a public speaking instructor at San Jose State University and the irony is: I was completely terrified about standing up in front of my students. I'm talking barf-before-presenting level of anxiety. And I'm-pretty-sure-my-heart-is-pounding-so-hard-it-might-actually-explode level of anxiety.

It was awful.

I felt like a fraud.

I also felt pissed off. Because I knew I was smart and had great things to say.

In my mind, I could see myself as I wanted to be, but in real life, my paralyzing anxiety kept me tangled in nervous knots.


All that is to say: When it comes to speech anxiety, I really get it.

And I can tell you for an absolute fact that public speaking is a skill that can be learned. 

It is. Truly. 

I have master's degrees in Education and Communication Studies from Stanford University and San Jose State University. Over the years, I've developed exercises and strategies that have helped me and thousands of my clients understand how to manage our stress levels when the spotlight is on.

I've also worked with executives—individually and in groups—at every level of their public speaking journey and have witnessed tremendous success overcoming anxiety as intense as mine.

Public speaking coaching for busy executives in the San Francisco Bay area.

I can help you change your deeply ingrained habits, fears, and patterns of inner dialogue.

If you're willing to put in the time and energy, you can become the leader you envision in your mind. The one who stands up and speaks up with ease and confidence. The one who leaves audiences feeling inspired and motivated.


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I've trained individuals and teams at Silicon Valley start-ups and organizations like:

Google, Apple, Stanford Graduate School of Business, SAP, SV Bank, Box, Pfizer, Slack, Gilead, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.