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INTRODUCING MY UDEMY ONLINE COURSE: Public speaking for professionals


A 75-minute master class designed specifically for busy professionals who get really nervous about giving presentations or leading meetings at work. Packed with practical tools you can start using immediately to transform the way you step into the spotlight.


What if you no longer agonized about speaking up?

I can teach you how to relax and speak with confidence. How to pull your thoughts together with a bulletproof plan (even off the cuff!). And how to make a meaningful impression when it really matters.


INTRODUCING: THE online master class for professionals who want to PUT AN END TO THEIR public speaking panic

Learn the proven techniques I’ve taught to thousands over the past 20 years:

  • Connect with any audience and make them care about what you have to say.

  • Get your point across without rambling, “ummming,” or letting nerves shake you.

  • Master the art of sounding natural and conversational (while secretly being well-prepared).

  • Organize your ideas into easy-to-remember frameworks for a variety of speaking situations.

  • Think and speak on your feet, even in stressful situations where you feel out of your league.

  • Influence listeners with powerful stories that keep them fully engaged with your message.

  • Learn to use your voice and body language so you’re seen as a confident leader.

  • Manage your anxiety with the simple and proven techniques I’ve taught to thousands of private clients and audiences for two decades.


Meet Your Instructor

I’m executive presentation coach Jennifer Hennings. In my private practice, I help individuals and teams significantly improve their communication skills—especially when the pressure’s on. Executives and companies ranging from startups to the likes of Google and Salesforce bring me in when they have high-stakes presentations to prepare for and polish. What makes my approach unique is I don’t have a background in acting or theater. I don’t naturally crave the spotlight—in fact, I’m an introvert who used to get physically sick with fear before speaking and teaching. Just like you, I needed to get a handle on my public speaking overwhelm so I could communicate confidently in order to create exciting opportunities in my career!

Udemy is the gold standard for online learning with the world’s largest selection of expert-led classes. Udemy courses are specifically for busy professionals who want to expand and improve key skills to enjoy more fulfilling and profitable careers!

In this practical Udemy course, you’ll discover how to get your message across and influence others with presentations that make people want to listen. I’ll help you plan your next presentation step-by-step, from analyzing your audience and discovering your bottom line to organizing your thoughts and improving your delivery. You’ll practice speaking off the cuff and learn tools to manage your nerves under pressure.

Want to overcome your public speaking fear? Join executive presentation coach, Jennifer Hennings in her Udemy course Speak Like A Pro: Public Speaking For Professionals.
Jennifer Hennings is public speaking coach and expert instructor at Udemy. Join her master class to improve your public speaking skills. For professionals who get  really nervous  giving presentations or leading meetings at work. Transform the way you step into the spotlight!

I know you’re busy, so we’ll laser-focus on the essentials: no fluff, no filler, just the most transformative and effective exercises I’ve developed over the past two decades of coaching thousands of clients worldwide.

You can calm your anxiety and organize your ideas into powerful presentations. I’ll teach you how.

You’ll graduate with a communication toolbox jam-packed with practical, actionable tools you can use immediately to give more persuasive presentations, lead better sales calls, ace that “hallway ambush” with your boss, share ideas in meetings and 1:1s, and get buy-in from colleagues and business partners. 

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals with an upcoming presentation or important meeting they want to 100% nail with clarity and ease.

  • Newly promoted leaders in need of improved speaking or meeting facilitation skills—to get their teams aligned and excited.

  • Aspiring leaders whose message development or public speaking skills are holding them back from sharing a compelling vision with groups and stakeholders.

  • Anyone wanting to get more involved in their community or organization by being able to speak in front of groups without letting fear or overwhelm take over.

I was always the last person who would be willing to present even to a group of less than 10 people who I worked with closely. I had major anxiety when it came to public speaking. It was so bad that it would affect me all week if I had to present at the end of the week; I would obsess over it, making my anxiety worse. It sounds too good to be true, but Jennifer definitely made a huge positive impact on me in a short amount of time.
— Bernadette Le, Senior Android Engineer | Slack